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Clearing our Land and Dreaming

Buying undeveloped land is an unnerving project. We city folks have no real idea of what creating a farm out of a piece of partially clear cut land entails. We know what we want…But getting from here to there is a bit foggy. Luckily we have my cousin Mark to give us lots of direction and help. When we were up in Maine camping Mark spent some time with us and gave us a little direction in what our first steps were and how soon they needed to be done. SOON! Wood will start growing back quickly so we have to clear out all of the stumps before to much new growth happens.


The excavator

Soooo we hired my cousin Mark to do the clearing for us. Clearing land takes BIG machinery so we had Mark rent what we needed for a week to see how far he could get. He got about halfway done with the upper acreage that will become our farm area. This area will have our house, gardens, fruit orchard, animals, barn, and garage. We are so excited to get this project under way! Our only issue that is making this project SLOOOW is money. We will have to do each project as we have the money. This is ok because we have 5 plus years before we can move so that our daughter can graduate from high school. Then she can decide if she wants to come with us or not. I doubt she will because that girl is going to collage! She is a smart kid and does not need to move out into the middle of nowhere unless she wants to. IMG_0791

My cousin was able to clear 6 or so acres in the week he had the equipment. So now it looks even more like a bomb went off in the middle of the property. When we get a bull dozer on property we will have the biggest bonfire ever!  The rest of the upper acreage will have to wait till the Spring when things thaw and we have more money to pour into the project. IMG_0792

Until then we get to plan and dream…Its all so exciting for us…

(Have I said that yet?)


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