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Whats In A Name? – Reliance Farm

Hi all….

Joel (My handsome hubby) and I were riding along in the car and started discussing our property in Maine and all that we need to do to make our dreams come to fruition. I then brought up my thoughts on a name for the farm. We went back and forth with a few ideas but both came to agree that it needed to show our belief in God and that our blessing of owning this farm is all because of Him. We came up with Reliant farm and both really liked it and we thought we were settled until the techie stuff came into play

We needed to make sure that we could brand the farm in all ways. We needed to make sure we could use the name for our website and for my Blog and for any farm based products that we will someday be selling. Unfortunately Reliant Farm was taken but we finally settled on RELIANCE FARM which I have come to believe is even better!

Reliance Farm

We have the Blog ready to be created as well the Website ready to be built. Now for a Logo and branding/marketing strategy. It may be early for some of this but when you realize how busy our lives will get when this project is truly up and running I think getting some of this stuff out of the way is important.

More and More Later!

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