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What is God teaching me this week? – Marriage….


I am starting this series as way for me to talk about how God is impacting my life at this moment. It might be through Bible Study, a christian magazine article, Facebook post, a Christian meme, or a book I’m reading. Or it may be a conversation I’ve had with someone, whatever that something is it has mad me think about life and God. It will be something I need to share because I think others can benefit from it and maybe grow in their own walk.


I’m currently reading a book called Whats it like to be married to me? by Linda Dillow. The title sounded kind of scary to me because I know me and it can’t be easy putting up with me in general. I think we humans are a pretty selfish group of people. We tend to look at how hard it is to be married to our husbands or wives without really thinking about it as this author proposes. What about us? How are we to be married to? Does my husband think YAY I’m going home to the perfect woman who I want to spend all my time with? I doubt it! I bet a lot of time he is just as happy to go to work as they/he are/is to come home to us/me.

In the third chapter she talks about a question that was posed to many men… She asks what is the one thing you would like to have in a wife? OK this does not seem so bad… what are they going to say “a good cook” “sex” hmmmm, a majority of the men said they want a wife who have a positive attitude toward life. They want to be married to someone who does not complain a great deal, someone who encourages them in life and is just plain pleasant to be around. I don’t think that is me! I know I can be a negative person about the everyday stuff at times. Not all the time but I know I was pretty convicted by the answer those men gave.

I know that when I am in a positive frame of mind my husband is also. If Im in a good mood my family has a much better chance of having a good day. I know this is very true on Sundays when we are always together from 8ish till about 3ish. If I’m complaining about everything from Hannah wearing the wrong clothing to how much I wish I could have slept in on this one Sunday, we are set to have a negative feeling day. If however I get up and complement what Hannah’s wearing and let the noisy goofing around happen without comment the day is much more positive. The old adage is unfortunately true; “If momma ain’t happy then ain’t nobody happy”. My husband hates that saying but we both know its true. Joel is very low key most of the time so even if he is in a bad mood everything goes smooth for the most part.

So whats a girl to do? This girl is going to make an effort to change her attitude. I have started praying about my complaint spirit and how I need his help to become the wife that Joel needs me to be.

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