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What the heck is a prepper food?

(Prepper) the term sounds funny like a cartoon character or something but it’s not. I guess my husband Joel and I are becoming mini preppers! We have the property in the woods to head to (once we build our house) we have a garden, we have a pantry filled with self-canned foods and store bought foods, we have some water purification preps, we have the ability to protect ourselves, and we have the “prepper foods”. My husband bought some last year and we have bought some more little by little.

Here is the definition of Prepper:


chiefly North American

A person who believes a catastrophic disaster or emergency is likely to occur in the future and makes active preparations for it, typically by stockpiling food, ammunition, and other supplies:there’s no agreement among preppers about what disaster is most imminentwhether you’re a doomsday prepper or simply like to be prepared, emergency foods should be kept on hand

Prepper food is food to have on hand in case of emergency when the stores will not be a viable option. The food is more shelf stable than most foods you buy at the store it is said to last about 20-25 years if stored correctly, and will more than likely have less calories per serving than we are used to because it is meant to help us survive a bad situation but not meant to help us thrive. Most of the food is freeze dried or dehydrated so it is easy to transport and usually just requires some warm water to make it meal ready.

Closeup of Travelers Stew


Sample of some of our foods

I have never tried any of these meals as of yet but that will change tonight. We will be cooking at least on of these meals for dinner so the three of us can see what we could be in for. We are letting our 13 year old choose our meal tonight so she can feel more connected to the whole prepper thing! Also we want her buy in because she is so picky about food that if she chooses it maybe she will have to like it! My only fear about the prepper foods is that they are not very high in protein, this is ok for lunch and dinner but the breakfast they provide are strictly carb, carbs, carbs. I can’t eat a carb filled breakfast in regular life without falling apart. (I am diabetic) If I eat carbs for breakfast I feel weak and sweaty in just a couple hours, its really awful. I have been know to have to leave church services to find a place to lay down while my husband finds me something to eat. I have been talking to the hubby about the need to supplement our stores with protein bars and such but the problem is that they do not last long. I wonder if I press and seal them if they would last a lot longer? More research to do!

Soooo wish us luck as we dive into our first trial run of eating or “prepper” foods. I just hope it doesn’t suck! loll

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Canning Cranberry Sauce

I love Cranberry sauce… I am the only one in my house who loves is but thats ok… I will eat it all!


Yummy Yummy Cranberry Sauce

I do A LOT of canning (for a beginner) This is my first year canning but it won’t be my last for sure. My husband who won’t eat half of what I canned was still really proud of our canning stockpile! He even took pictures and showed his friends, he even took pickles to the office for friends. I have over 400 cans of produce, meat, and beans canned and have plans to can more this winter!

There are many reasons to preserve your own food and here are a few of my reasons. We built 9 4×10 raised bed gardens this Spring so I better not waste anything. I know whats in my food, its organic, non GMO and does not create extra waste by throwing away/recycling them. We save money in the long run, yes it cost us much money to get started with canning between jar buying and pressure cooker buying and everything else we did lay out a bit of money. In the long run everything except the seals are reusable! I have just loved learning how to do it and its not that hard!

AND Cranberries. I bought some bags to make sauce for Thanksgiving and then we changed plans and did not have dinner in our home. SOOO because I was not going to throw them away and I will eat Cranberry sauce anytime of the year the canning equipment came out to play. I looked up a few different recipes and they all seemed the same.

It comes down to the following recipe:

Per 12oz Bag of Cranberries you will need

2 cups water

2 cups sugar

zest of 1/2 orange

1/4tsp of vanilla

Makes 2 pints or 4 –  1/2pints

Thats it! Boil the water and sugar for 5 minutes add cranberries cook at a low boil for 15 minutes stirring occasionally until all the berries burst. Add the vanilla and orange zest stir and then pour into prepared jars. wipe rim of jars and put the prepared seals on and screw on lids. Place in water canner and boil with cover on for 10 minutes. Place on rack or towel until cool and then move to storage.


First collect all of your canning equipment.


Pretty Cranberries!


I used 4 bags of Cranberries


Zesting oranges is a tedious task! lol


Zested 2 oranges for this recipe.


Cranberries are all popped so I added the zest and vanilla.


Prepared jars all ready to be filled! 


Filled and cleaned jars.


Lids heated and ready for use.



Jars ready for the canner and then ready to be enjoyed for many meals to come!


Happy Canning everyone!

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30 Days of Thankfulness November 5th edition


I am thankful for the ability to try something new, or at least something I have not tried in a while. I tried doing a family/slice of life blog that got thrown to the side due to the busyness of life. I will be starting a new blog soon…. Next week I hope, that will show the life of a Christian family who are getting ready to start a new life on a homestead/farm in Maine…

God gives us the ability do do so many things in our lives… He gives us talents that we are born with and H e gives us the ability to build and develop skills. I hope to do something wonderful with this blog and showcase all of the skills that we are learning in order to start our new Maine adventure. I hope to inspire others through our successes and failures to step out to do something new. We all need to find our God given passions and boldly run with them.




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Whats In A Name? – Reliance Farm

Hi all….

Joel (My handsome hubby) and I were riding along in the car and started discussing our property in Maine and all that we need to do to make our dreams come to fruition. I then brought up my thoughts on a name for the farm. We went back and forth with a few ideas but both came to agree that it needed to show our belief in God and that our blessing of owning this farm is all because of Him. We came up with Reliant farm and both really liked it and we thought we were settled until the techie stuff came into play

We needed to make sure that we could brand the farm in all ways. We needed to make sure we could use the name for our website and for my Blog and for any farm based products that we will someday be selling. Unfortunately Reliant Farm was taken but we finally settled on RELIANCE FARM which I have come to believe is even better!

Reliance Farm

We have the Blog ready to be created as well the Website ready to be built. Now for a Logo and branding/marketing strategy. It may be early for some of this but when you realize how busy our lives will get when this project is truly up and running I think getting some of this stuff out of the way is important.

More and More Later!

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Clearing our Land and Dreaming

Buying undeveloped land is an unnerving project. We city folks have no real idea of what creating a farm out of a piece of partially clear cut land entails. We know what we want…But getting from here to there is a bit foggy. Luckily we have my cousin Mark to give us lots of direction and help. When we were up in Maine camping Mark spent some time with us and gave us a little direction in what our first steps were and how soon they needed to be done. SOON! Wood will start growing back quickly so we have to clear out all of the stumps before to much new growth happens.


The excavator

Soooo we hired my cousin Mark to do the clearing for us. Clearing land takes BIG machinery so we had Mark rent what we needed for a week to see how far he could get. He got about halfway done with the upper acreage that will become our farm area. This area will have our house, gardens, fruit orchard, animals, barn, and garage. We are so excited to get this project under way! Our only issue that is making this project SLOOOW is money. We will have to do each project as we have the money. This is ok because we have 5 plus years before we can move so that our daughter can graduate from high school. Then she can decide if she wants to come with us or not. I doubt she will because that girl is going to collage! She is a smart kid and does not need to move out into the middle of nowhere unless she wants to. IMG_0791

My cousin was able to clear 6 or so acres in the week he had the equipment. So now it looks even more like a bomb went off in the middle of the property. When we get a bull dozer on property we will have the biggest bonfire ever!  The rest of the upper acreage will have to wait till the Spring when things thaw and we have more money to pour into the project. IMG_0792

Until then we get to plan and dream…Its all so exciting for us…

(Have I said that yet?)


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Camping for the first time.

We decided to camp on our new property in September to try to get a sense of what our next steps should be. We took our new camper on the road and gave it a try. Now keep in mind that even though we were staying in a camper we still had very limited power and water… FOUR DAYS and THREE NIGHTS… “NO SHOWER”


I was so disappointed while we were on staying on the property, we saw nothing! Not a squirrel, chipmunk, deer, bear, NOTHING! I wanted to see cute animals cavorting in our woods and all I got to see was their scat. We saw deer, moose, and bear scat within a 50 feet of where our camper was situated. It could be the generator or the smell of dogs, sound of chainsaw and/or the sound of gun fire that scared every living animal off of our property! LOL… We were not quiet. Joel did say that he saw two small frogs while he was working but I have no proof!

I had to break out my rubber boots for the occasion since it had rained for days, up to and including our drive up to Maine it was wet


Our Dogs didn’t mind at all… They ran around and enjoyed getting dirtier than ever!


My husband enjoyed the ability to walk out into our “backyard” to shoot. We can’t do that in Connecticut!


We didn’t get a lot of work done while we were in Maine we did make a plan for the future. Joel did get a path cleared from the logging road to the small stream that now looks like a river due to the lovely rain.


We made plans for my cousin Mark to do some land clearing work for us. We are so blessed to have some family around who do have the time and know how to get the job done.

We are excited to keep going forward with the building of our new home and farm in the middle of Maine. We can’t wait for what the future might bring!

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Our Adventure begins!


Our biggest family adventure is about to begin. Now I just need to find a job so we can afford to clear the land and build a house.

Lots of equipment needs to be purchased or rented and lots of sweat will be shed. We have a serious amount of work to do!


Look up through the woods you can see a hill. On top of that hill is were our homestead/farm/home will be built.


Our land is just about smack in the middle of Maine on  Wooded lot that has been partially clear cut. What this means is that it is a mess! It looks like someone dropped a bomb in the middle of the property. Anything that the loggers did not like was left behind to rot and or grow back. Our whole lot is about 22ish acres. We will be clearing about 12 or so on the top of that small rise. Our land will be filled with Fruit Trees and bushes, chickens, rabbits, goats, pigs, a cow and hopefully a small donkey. We will grow our own food and hunt on our own land. We will be self sufficient (I hate that term)… Using the tools and abilities that God has given us to make a life together. We will rely on God in all that we do, from the choice to leave our city lives behind to what we will grow in our gardens. We can do nothing apart from God who strengthens us.


I can’t wait to sit up on our porch and watch the sun set over the trees. Listen to the crickets chirp and scare the dogs when they jump eat apples we grew, cheese we make and even have pork chops from our yearly pig that we raised. The simple life! HA Ha…. We are retiring to a life where there are never enough hours in the day and everything relies on what you do! God please help us!


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