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Spring Wonderful Spring (Cleaning)

Oh, how I love Spring… The end of snow and the beginning of gentler breezes and time outside in the garden. Spring is my time to be starting hundreds of tiny little plants in cups to eventually be placed in my 9 beautiful raised garden beds.


Oh but first let’s talk about the dreaded SPRING CLEANING! I don’t know to many people who get excited about the process of pulling their whole house apart to reach into corners that seldom get seen by anyone and Windex, Pledge, or vacuum them within an inch of their lives. After all that work you put it all back just the way it was, take a deep breath and forget about the process until next year. It feels great for about 10 minutes.

UGH…… Not fun

Magazines love to talk about all the NEW AND BETTER ways to get the job done. They try to make it sound like something wonderful and amazing and not like a whole lot of extra work.

See all the mess on the counter in the background…. SPRING CLEANING!

I know we all have a million thing we would rather be doing than this but I have come to realize that it is necessary to renew and refresh our homes and the things that we each have deemed important enough to keep in our lives. I just took a

I know we all have a million thing we would rather be doing than this but I have come to realize that it is necessary to renew and refresh our homes and the things that we each have deemed important enough to keep in our lives. I just took a peek at Pinterest to see what Pinterest users had to say about Spring cleaning and was not surprised to see that everyone has a special take on this giant project. Some of the titles that caught my eye were:

10 Clever Ways To Clean & Organize Your Home This Spring

Things To Throw AwayComplete Spring Cleaning Checklist By Room

Complete Spring Cleaning Checklist By RoomThe Lazy Girls Guide To Spring Cleaning

The Lazy Girls Guide To Spring Cleaning7 Honest Ways To Spring Clean Your Life + Mind

7 Honest Ways To Spring Clean Your Life + Mind

Pre-Spring Cleaning (Clearing Away The Winter Mess) – This is a thing????

This year I have to an extra special, super duper cleaning to end all super duper cleanings because we will be putting our house on the market this May/June. I’m hoping for May but the master bathroom is completely torn out at the moment and we have around 75 other projects to attend to prior to sale.Well

Well anyway, I have started my large list this past weekend and will keep at it for the next 6 weeks or so.

Please let me know how you handle the giant specter of spring cleaning! I would really love to hear from you!

Happy Spring and Happy Spring cleaning to one and all!

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Dementia: I Hate You! (part 1)

I know I am not the only one to hate dementia! What is there to love or even like about it. It steals your loved one away from you in a slow and painful way. My mother was a smart lady who had her life in order. She and her husband had their lives all planned out, and then Dementia


This was my Mom Sally in 2008 with my Step-Father Marvin at mine and Joel’s wedding.

This was shortly before she retire.


My mother started feeling slow and stupid at work. Her work was taking her longer than ever before and she did not know why. She decided after a couple of years to retire early to save her from the stress and sleeplessness she was experiencing. After that her friends started to notice that she was forgetful and confused sometimes. She would forget what things were called, one day she was trying to order french fries and after much struggling she came up with “fingers”they all tried to laugh it off. The small stuff was adding up and her two best friends would call me to complain because they knew my Mom and Step-Father Marvin were not doing anything about her decline.

And then… Cancer… My Step-Father Marvin was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. They didn’t catch the cancer earlier because Marvin was way to healthy. (ironic) After this diagnosis any chance that my mother would have gotten any testing or treatment went right out the window. It wasn’t that they decided that her condition didn’t matter it was that they had bigger fish to fry and did not really see anything medically wrong with Mom. My Step-Father was great at being her memory so it did not seem like she had a huge looming issue.

The truth didn’t get figured out until after Marvin had passed away. The shock of his death kickstarted her disease into overdrive. They say stress can make things worse and boy did it! Thank goodness for my Step-Aunt Shirley being around at the end of Marvin’s life and during the whole funeral ordeal. I had been kept in the dark for the most part when it came to mom’s problems. Marvin made sure we were involved with a lot of his information and all the legal things to be done pertaining to his dying. We knew that mom was having some difficulties with her memory and word recall but we had no idea of the scope of the issue. During the funeral Mom seemed out of sorts and unable to make any decisions. She was just plain angry at everyone who was involved with making any important decisions. After Marvin had passed away Mom seemed to be depressed most of the time. She did not leave her room much and ate very little. Canned beans was her food of choice when she did eat. She was not cooking or really going out of her room. It was all very confusing to me to come over for a planned outing and find that she was still in bed and really had no idea why I was over. I now wonder is she was confused as to who I was even then.

I talked her into getting a dog(BIG MISTAKE) and she seemed very happy with the dog. She however could not figure out the harness or anything else that pertained to Molly’s care. The dog peed all over her room because Mom had come to the decision that taking her outside to pee was mean. I think she was afraid to go outside if it was dark and that she did not want to get dressed to go outside either. I would try explain things so they made  sense to her but she would just get mad at me. Things were just getting stranger by the minute!

So I made my first Mother daughter doctors appointment!

To be continued…


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Not leaving the house

I never thought I would spend a whole week around the house. I have not left this house since Saturday. The only reason I left the house then was because my husband was home with me and we went over to see my mom at the Memory care unit. We took a drive with her and got ice cream. I have watched more TV than any 10 people should. I have not even been ready which I used to do by the hour. How can I be so far out of my own life? I know what I need to do but,  how do I make myself find the energy?


I feel like I am in need of a nap before I even get myself ready for the day. I am out of breath while folding the laundry. I am 43 years old, not 93! My 90 year old grandmother is in better shape than I am, at least she can still go for a long walk or do errands on her own. If my husband is not with me I don’t usually leave the house. We went to visits his Grandfather in the hospital a week or two ago and I lost my breath walking to the building.

If anyone does read this please tell me how you get out of the hole of depression and get motivated to rejoin the land of the living!


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Changing my Life – Slowly



Fluffy is the word I use to describe my body these days. 10 years ago I had lost some weight and felt pretty good about how I looked and felt. Since that time I have gone to seminary, gotten married and have been dealing with parent care for the last three years. In that time I have gained 50 pounds! I just did that math and WOW 50 pounds…

Now the question is why would I ever want to advertise this total lack of self control? The reason is that I need to be held accountable to someone! My husband and I are awful when it comes to eating right or exercise. We love eating crap and watching TV together. We go out to eat or bring in take out food all the time. We go to the movies and eat lots of junk. If we try to do better one of us will have a bad day and bring the other one down with them…

Since I have been out of work I have been the epitome of laziness. I now get winded walking up our driveway to get the mail. I’m 43 years old, I should not be this way and I have to do something now before I am no longer able to do anything about it.

Now what am I going to do about it? I know I need to start slow, I am way to far gone to get all gung ho about this. I would manage to put myself in the hospital for sure… I am going to start walking! I am going to promise myself and anyone who reads this blog that I will walk a mile 4 times this week. I can accomplish this in a few different ways. I can get on my treadmill, I can take the dogs for a walk or I can do one of my Leslie Leslie Sansone walk workout videos. That’s what I will do this week. I will also try to make better food choices this week as well.

I will let you know how this works out for me!


My very unused workout room


Great walking workout video










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