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Spring Wonderful Spring (Cleaning)

Oh, how I love Spring… The end of snow and the beginning of gentler breezes and time outside in the garden. Spring is my time to be starting hundreds of tiny little plants in cups to eventually be placed in my 9 beautiful raised garden beds.


Oh but first let’s talk about the dreaded SPRING CLEANING! I don’t know to many people who get excited about the process of pulling their whole house apart to reach into corners that seldom get seen by anyone and Windex, Pledge, or vacuum them within an inch of their lives. After all that work you put it all back just the way it was, take a deep breath and forget about the process until next year. It feels great for about 10 minutes.

UGH…… Not fun

Magazines love to talk about all the NEW AND BETTER ways to get the job done. They try to make it sound like something wonderful and amazing and not like a whole lot of extra work.

See all the mess on the counter in the background…. SPRING CLEANING!

I know we all have a million thing we would rather be doing than this but I have come to realize that it is necessary to renew and refresh our homes and the things that we each have deemed important enough to keep in our lives. I just took a

I know we all have a million thing we would rather be doing than this but I have come to realize that it is necessary to renew and refresh our homes and the things that we each have deemed important enough to keep in our lives. I just took a peek at Pinterest to see what Pinterest users had to say about Spring cleaning and was not surprised to see that everyone has a special take on this giant project. Some of the titles that caught my eye were:

10 Clever Ways To Clean & Organize Your Home This Spring

Things To Throw AwayComplete Spring Cleaning Checklist By Room

Complete Spring Cleaning Checklist By RoomThe Lazy Girls Guide To Spring Cleaning

The Lazy Girls Guide To Spring Cleaning7 Honest Ways To Spring Clean Your Life + Mind

7 Honest Ways To Spring Clean Your Life + Mind

Pre-Spring Cleaning (Clearing Away The Winter Mess) – This is a thing????

This year I have to an extra special, super duper cleaning to end all super duper cleanings because we will be putting our house on the market this May/June. I’m hoping for May but the master bathroom is completely torn out at the moment and we have around 75 other projects to attend to prior to sale.Well

Well anyway, I have started my large list this past weekend and will keep at it for the next 6 weeks or so.

Please let me know how you handle the giant specter of spring cleaning! I would really love to hear from you!

Happy Spring and Happy Spring cleaning to one and all!

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Canning Cranberry Sauce

I love Cranberry sauce… I am the only one in my house who loves is but thats ok… I will eat it all!


Yummy Yummy Cranberry Sauce

I do A LOT of canning (for a beginner) This is my first year canning but it won’t be my last for sure. My husband who won’t eat half of what I canned was still really proud of our canning stockpile! He even took pictures and showed his friends, he even took pickles to the office for friends. I have over 400 cans of produce, meat, and beans canned and have plans to can more this winter!

There are many reasons to preserve your own food and here are a few of my reasons. We built 9 4×10 raised bed gardens this Spring so I better not waste anything. I know whats in my food, its organic, non GMO and does not create extra waste by throwing away/recycling them. We save money in the long run, yes it cost us much money to get started with canning between jar buying and pressure cooker buying and everything else we did lay out a bit of money. In the long run everything except the seals are reusable! I have just loved learning how to do it and its not that hard!

AND Cranberries. I bought some bags to make sauce for Thanksgiving and then we changed plans and did not have dinner in our home. SOOO because I was not going to throw them away and I will eat Cranberry sauce anytime of the year the canning equipment came out to play. I looked up a few different recipes and they all seemed the same.

It comes down to the following recipe:

Per 12oz Bag of Cranberries you will need

2 cups water

2 cups sugar

zest of 1/2 orange

1/4tsp of vanilla

Makes 2 pints or 4 –  1/2pints

Thats it! Boil the water and sugar for 5 minutes add cranberries cook at a low boil for 15 minutes stirring occasionally until all the berries burst. Add the vanilla and orange zest stir and then pour into prepared jars. wipe rim of jars and put the prepared seals on and screw on lids. Place in water canner and boil with cover on for 10 minutes. Place on rack or towel until cool and then move to storage.


First collect all of your canning equipment.


Pretty Cranberries!


I used 4 bags of Cranberries


Zesting oranges is a tedious task! lol


Zested 2 oranges for this recipe.


Cranberries are all popped so I added the zest and vanilla.


Prepared jars all ready to be filled! 


Filled and cleaned jars.


Lids heated and ready for use.



Jars ready for the canner and then ready to be enjoyed for many meals to come!


Happy Canning everyone!

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Building a new garden


I have come to love gardening. I don’t love to do the weeding and I have so very much to learn but I have found joy in seeing something grow. I wanted to try gardening this year and asked my husband to build me a couple of raised garden beds like I had seen on pinterest from a Blog called

What I ended up with is far more than I ever asked for. My hubby did an amazing job and kept adding on until I ended up with nine beautiful raised beds. He added weed barrier and mulch in between each one and to top it all off he built a wooden fence with bunny barrier all the way around it. We brought in 18 yards of garden soil and at least 8 yards of mulch. Oh and lets not forget 21 bags of compost.

My peas have fallen over and spinach had to be pulled out because it had some fungus issue. Other than that things have been growing like crazy. We are drowning in squash and zucchini. I am getting ready for tons of tomatoes and pickles to come rolling in.

Now to get ready to blanch and freeze some peas and bake some lemon Zucchini bread!


Fresh Shelled Peas


Zucchini, Squash and Cucumbers

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