Hi…. My name is Dawn and I am the voice of this new blog “Our Best Laid Plans”.IMG_0013

A little about who I try to be: The first thing I try to be is a Christian, I know I am a Christian but the try part is about me growing in my relationship with God. Then I am a wife of almost 9 years to Joel a wonderful imperfect man who I adore, a step-mother to a beautiful 14 year old daughter, and caregiver to my mother who has Pick’s disease which is one of the worst versions of dementia. My mother is only 67 and has been placed in a wonderful local memory care unit for almost 3 years now. IMG_1341


I will also talk about my own issues with depression, ADHD, Back issues, Plantars Fasciitis and trying to be the wife and mother God wants me to be. I will make every attempt to be real in all I write.

One of the major themes of this blog will be our future move to Maine, the property we purchased, our preparedness for any kind of societal breakdown. We will be moving to a very small town in Maine and living our lives as homesteader/farmers

Some of my hobbies that I will be writing about will include photography, gardening, scrapbooking, baking and hopefully exercising.

IMG_0526I have three small noisy dogs that I love and enjoy.  Gizmo is my spoiled 5-year old Papillon and Molly who was my mother’s dog but is now part of my family. She is a Malshi… Half Maltese and half Shih-tzu.  Our newest arrival is Andy, he was my mother-inlaws puppy. He is a Lasso Apso puppy that is full of energy, she was just unable to keep up with him. My husband would love to never have another animal enter our home again but I think a home needs at least two animals.

I want this blog to be a slice of my life, and a slice of my family’s lives. I want to be able to share the ups and downs of our lives as well as our view of the world in all its craziness. I hope that what I write about and share will entertain, and or help others who live crazy lives like we do.

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  1. Some genuinely great blog posts on this web site, thank you for contribution.

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