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How to become a morning person!

I have spent the last week trying to get up early and “dominate my day”. I did pretty well getting up early and getting my butt going on my day for the first week and theeeeen the weekend hit and my new program was thrown aside.

I want to get up and be all like “yeah I am ready to conquer the world” but in reality I am more like “hmm lets start this thing tomorrow”. Lazy is a good word to describe me first thing in the morning. I like sleep, but I seem to like it to much. In reality I don’t usually get seven or eight hours, I have trouble sleeping at night but NO problem sleeping most of the morning.  One of my problems is that I am always on a screen. I am either watching TV, using my computer, playing games on my phone or reading on my Ipad. Most of the time I am doing two of these things at the same time. By the time I climb in bed and read a book on my tablet for a while my brain is in hyper-drive and refuses to shut down for sleep time. I looked this up on WEBMD and amongst all the brilliant info on the subject this simple explanation stood out.


“One of the most simple but important reasons technology affects our sleep is cognitive stimulation,” says Mark Rosekind, PhD, former director of the Fatigue Countermeasures Program at the NASA Ames Research Center and president and chief scientist at the scientific consulting firm Alertness Solutions.

Our brain needs to be slowed down before bedtime with a cup of sleepytime tea and soothing music and not given Facebook and Plants vs Zombies to get us more riled up before the lights go out.

The solution is to put away all technology an hour before I go to bed. If I must read before I sleep I need to break out the real thing a “book” that has pages made of paper.  This way I can ease myself into sleep mode. One of the reasons I want to get better sleep is that I have read some studies that correlate insomnia with people who have dementia. My mother was an insomniac and she is in later stage dementia. This scares the pants off of me, I want to fix this ASAP, the last thing I want to do is to help dementia get a foot in the door with me! (I know it doesn’t work like that) but still I want to feel in control of my own brain health.

Soooo all of this was to say that I started reading a book called (The 5AM Miracle, Dominate Your Day Before Breakfast) by Jeff Sanders.  I found the book to be very thought provoking and a really clean way to look at the topic. I still need to go back and complete the action plans to really get a good grasp of my runaway life/schedule. Below is one of the chapter ending Quick reviews from the book (I hope this is not breaking a law or rule of blogging)


Why getting up early is so awesome

  1. You will have the precious time you need to effectively plan your day.
  2. Early mornings are ideal for meditation, prayer, yoga, or just a little quiet time.
  3. Your sleep is likely to improve dramatically with consistent bedtimes and wake-up calls. (I underlined this one)
  4. You will have more energy and a more positive attitude.
  5. It’s easiest to focus on your biggest goals.
  6. With improved mental clarity, your creative juices will flow even faster.
  7. Early risers tend to exercise more, eat healthier, and have a sexier body. What’s not to like? (I’m hearing the sounds of an AMEN coming to my lips!)
  8. Getting more done is nearly a guarantee when you wake up prepared to dominate your day.
  9. With a consistent 5 a.m. miracle in place, you are more likely to achieve your lifes grandest goal.
  10. Many high achievers wake up early and you are about to join them. (Hmmm. I hope so)From “The 5am Miracle” by Jeff Sanders Page 27

I’m going to try this again! I will set my alarm for 5:30 to start and get my butt out of bed, do my Bible reading and then enter my very unused exercise room. I WILL dominate my day and get some stuff done! I have some pretty big goals that I just need to put the sweat equity into and get it done!


What do you do?

How do you dominate your day?

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Dementia: I Hate You Part 4

IMG_0877Mom and I this Christmas!

In my last Dementia post I looked at some of the medical info on the disease(Picks Disease) my mother has so now I will go back to our personal journey.

The other day I received the publishers clearing house (You Could Be A Winner) envelope in the mail and this annoying piece of mail got me thinking about a “Mom event” that had everything to do with her dementia.

My mom called me one evening all excited about something. She would not tell me what it was other than she was about to make me very happy. I was to meet her for breakfast the next day to go with her to a meeting so when I get to the breakfast place and proceed to get some information from her. She is grinning from ear to ear as she tells me she “WON” publishers clearing house. I of corse am very excited for her and for my little family because she now wants to give us lots of money too. After some more talking I find out she found out she had won from a phone call in which she was instructed to send money for the “taxes” on the winnings, oh and that she had already met one of these gentlemen who had called her at a ATM to give them some money. She was just unbelievably excited to have me with her when she gave them the rest of the money! I was floored! Scared! and incredibly angry. I just knew that this was not true!

While she was telling more and more of this scary tale I looked into how the publishers clearing house presented winnings and if they ever charged anyone money for the taxes. I even called and talked to them while we were having breakfast. My mom was so mad at me for not believing her and for thinking she was being taken advantage of but, By now I knew she was being lied to and that she had no idea what was happening to her, I asked her if I could call these people for myself and ask them a few questions. She did not want me making the call so she dialed their number while we sat in her car in the restaurants parking lot. They started telling her to not listen to me and that she needed to leave me behind when she came to meet them. I took the phone from her and they actually argued with me and told me some complete lies about how this was a legitimate prize that my mother had won and that I was so awful for messing this up for my mother. I tried to get them to meet us at the police station or the lawyers office to show me that it is a real prize. It was almost comical how it played out. They of course refused to meet us anywhere but at their (hotel office). I left them thinking that we would be there within the hour after we picked up the money. I NEVER intended to go anywhere near these people. I called my husband for the 10th time during this whole mess and he suggested playing along and getting my mother to the bank to ask them some questions and hopefully get a police officer to join us at the bank if necessary.

We went to the bank because mom intended to get more money to give them and I intended to have someone talk some sense into her. The bank manager came out and talked to us and finally got through to my mother by explaining how this con works and that these people pray on older people who have just lost a loved one. I got her into her car and pointed to home saying that we would do more research and then make a decision. She is one stubborn woman! She was so mad at me because I had somehow ruined everything for her, like because I got involved it became a crime and not because she was gullible and an easy mark for these men.

Once we got home I called the police in my moms town and one of the state troopers came to the house to take our report. It was not until then that my mom started to understand that she had been conned and that she had put herself into a very dangerous situation. What is really funny is that the guy called my mom again while the trooper was with us and proceeded to argue with the trooper for some time even threatening the trooper saying that he was going to lodge a complaint against him. The trooper and I were taking turns on the phone basically telling these guys off and laughing at their stupidity!

I ended up having to block their number on all of my mom’s phones so they could not call her again and then proceeded to spend the night with her to make sure no one showed up at her door. Thank goodness I carry a gun at all times. I was scared that night and don’t think I slept at all. To think that my mom drove into town the night before and met one of these criminals and gave them about 600.00 dollars and would have given them much much more.

Early stages of dementia does more than steal a persons memory, it steals their commonsense. They no longer have the ability to see the dark scary dangerous forrest for the pretty trees. I had never been so scared and concerned for her safety before in my life. My mother who would never go anywhere strange or different without a friend or family had now started to make risky decisions. I now know poor reasoning skills are just one of the many early symptoms of dementia….


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