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Our Yearly Christmas Ornament Tradition!

Traditions are what keep families together, grounded, and in the end create the warm fuzzy memories that we carry into our adult lives. I will be writing a more elaborate post on family traditions for Christmas eve but I thought I would share this one family tradition that we have created together. Every year we get an ornament that has our names and the year written on it. Many of these ornaments have come from our yearly trip to the Yankee Candle store in MA. Its not an elaborate tradition but its fun to see them on the tree every year and Hannah holds them up as she is putting them on the tree especially mentioning the one that we got in NY city that both her name and mine are a little smudge but of course daddy’s is perfect! Its not the expense or fan fare that makes something important or memorable, its the heart of it, the family building part of it that will make its meaning last longer than Joel and I will be around to continue it!

Wedding present from my Grandmother Claire Lavallee

2008 – Wedding present from my Grandmother Claire Lavallee


2009 We didn't even get this one written on.... Novices

2009 – We didn’t even get this one written on…. Novices

2010 - Our tradition not set yet.... Just our last name.

2010 – Our tradition not set yet…. Just our last name.

2011 - Here we go.... first of many with our names.

2011 – Here we go…. first of many with our names.

2012 - Three frogs.

2012 – Three frogs.

2013 - I love this one!

2013 – I love this one!

2014 - Our trip to NY was in Dec. of 2014 so we bought this one to remember the trip... This is the one with smudged names.

2014 – Our trip to NY was in Dec. of 2014 so we bought this one to remember the trip… This is the one with smudged names.

2015 - We got this one because we can't wait to have our own beehives! lol

2015 – We got this one because we can’t wait to have our own beehives! lol

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What is God teaching me this week? – Marriage….


I am starting this series as way for me to talk about how God is impacting my life at this moment. It might be through Bible Study, a christian magazine article, Facebook post, a Christian meme, or a book I’m reading. Or it may be a conversation I’ve had with someone, whatever that something is it has mad me think about life and God. It will be something I need to share because I think others can benefit from it and maybe grow in their own walk.


I’m currently reading a book called Whats it like to be married to me? by Linda Dillow. The title sounded kind of scary to me because I know me and it can’t be easy putting up with me in general. I think we humans are a pretty selfish group of people. We tend to look at how hard it is to be married to our husbands or wives without really thinking about it as this author proposes. What about us? How are we to be married to? Does my husband think YAY I’m going home to the perfect woman who I want to spend all my time with? I doubt it! I bet a lot of time he is just as happy to go to work as they/he are/is to come home to us/me.

In the third chapter she talks about a question that was posed to many men… She asks what is the one thing you would like to have in a wife? OK this does not seem so bad… what are they going to say “a good cook” “sex” hmmmm, a majority of the men said they want a wife who have a positive attitude toward life. They want to be married to someone who does not complain a great deal, someone who encourages them in life and is just plain pleasant to be around. I don’t think that is me! I know I can be a negative person about the everyday stuff at times. Not all the time but I know I was pretty convicted by the answer those men gave.

I know that when I am in a positive frame of mind my husband is also. If Im in a good mood my family has a much better chance of having a good day. I know this is very true on Sundays when we are always together from 8ish till about 3ish. If I’m complaining about everything from Hannah wearing the wrong clothing to how much I wish I could have slept in on this one Sunday, we are set to have a negative feeling day. If however I get up and complement what Hannah’s wearing and let the noisy goofing around happen without comment the day is much more positive. The old adage is unfortunately true; “If momma ain’t happy then ain’t nobody happy”. My husband hates that saying but we both know its true. Joel is very low key most of the time so even if he is in a bad mood everything goes smooth for the most part.

So whats a girl to do? This girl is going to make an effort to change her attitude. I have started praying about my complaint spirit and how I need his help to become the wife that Joel needs me to be.

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Dementia: I Hate You Part 3

I am going to take a little detour in my Mom’s(Sally’s) story and talk about the disease itself. Everything I will be talking about here I learned from doctors and the internet….

Mom At her Nursing Home

Mom At her Nursing Home

Picks Disease is much worse than it sounds and harder to get info about than most of the types of dementia. No one would ever pick this decease for themselves or their worst enemy. When I was just getting into this with my mother I really knew nothing about dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. I was not sure if one disease led into the other nor did I have any other real way to understand the disease. I really thought they were the same thing and I find most people really do not have a true understanding of what it is. After many visits with doctors and nursing home nurses I think I have a good grasp of what it all means.

First question – What is the difference between Alzheimer’s and Dementia?

Alzheimer’s is an actual disease and it is one of the causes of Dementia.  Alzheimer’s is caused by a protein that develops tangles and plaques in the brain that cause the cells to no longer communicate with each other. In advanced cases the brain shrinks.

Dementia is not actually disease but a group of symptoms. These system cause a person to find it difficult to do many mental tasks like remembering things and clear reasoning skills. If a person was always a conservative person when dealing with finances you might notice they make some very opposite risk taking decisions. Early on my mom all of a sudden decided to get into some day trading and bought some Gold that was “held” overseas! SCAM! She was a financial person, she had her series 7 and she was also all about putting her money in SAFE investments. Her financial person even told me (later on) that mom was doing things that were not her norm. (Big symptom)

Second Question – How do you know there is something wrong with your Loved one?

It seams like the disease creeps up on you. If you live with someone full time you might not really notice for quite

a while. It might even be something that is noticed more by the friends of the person with dementia. The disease can start with forgetfulness, time management, and getting lost easily. My mom (Sally) was great at coping with things and still is in her limited capacity. She would cover forgetfulness with a joke, set an alarm to be on time and use her GPS even when it was her ride home from work. She was always super controlling/a perfectionist so even when she was falling apart not many would recognize it. It was her friends that noticed first, they noticed that she would lose words. She would be out for lunch and want to order french fries but could not come up with the right word. She knew it was the wrong word (fingers) but could not find the right one. At my Step Fathers funeral she read something she had written about him being a happy (camper) but she had written (cannibal). Unless we did not know Marvin very well he was not a cannibal! It was not until the depression of my Step Father dying kicked in did it become very apparent that mom was really not behaving normally.

Third Question – What is Pick’s Disease

I had so much trouble finding a good answer to this question. Its sciencey name is Frontotemporal Dementia. The following paragraph of information I am taking straight from a website called NIH National Institute of Neuralogical Disorders and Stroke:  (Frontotemporal dementia (FTD) describes a clinical syndrome associated with shrinking of the frontal and temporal anterior lobes of the brain. Originally known as Pick’s disease, the name and classification of FTD has been a topic of discussion for over a century.  The current designation of the syndrome groups together Pick’s disease, primary progressive aphasia, and semantic dementia as FTD.  Some doctors propose adding corticobasal degeneration and progressive supranuclear palsy to FTD and calling the group Pick Complex.  These designations will continue to be debated.  As it is defined today, the symptoms of FTD fall into two clinical patterns that involve either (1) changes in behavior, or (2) problems with language.  The first type features behavior that can be either impulsive (disinhibited) or bored and listless (apathetic) and includes inappropriate social behavior; lack of social tact; lack of empathy; distractability; loss of insight into the behaviors of oneself and others; an increased interest in sex; changes in food preferences; agitation or, conversely, blunted emotions; neglect of personal hygiene; repetitive or compulsive behavior, and decreased energy and motivation.  The second type primarily features symptoms of language disturbance, including difficulty making or understanding speech, often in conjunction with the behavioral type’s symptoms.  Spatial skills and memory remain intact.  There is a strong genetic component to the disease; FTD often runs in families.)

Wow… Scary stuff, especially the last line that states that is runs in families! I don’t know of anyone in my mothers family that has had dementia, I hope it does not start with us! Lets just say that I spend a great deal of time dwelling on this information. I think long and hard about every instance where I have forgotten a word or name of a show/movie/car etc…. I would bet that anyone who has a family member with any type of dementia has the same worries that I do. I worry most for my family… You know the WHAT IFS!

Fourth Question – Is there a cure or treatment?

Nope…. They say doctors are practicing medicine for a good reason, they don’t know what to do about dementia. Some things help slow things down and some things soften the symptoms but a cure? Nope! The progression of Pick’s disease is quicker than some types, especially when you keep in mind the fact that it hits much earlier than most types of dementia. a person with Pick’s disease generally has between 2 and 10 years. So if a person gets hit with this bus in their 50s they will most likely die in their 60s… Thats not very old at all, it seems younger and younger with each passing year! My mother is one of the youngest people in the nursing home she is in. She is 66 where as everyone else is 75 and older it seems.

Anyway I will get back to my mom’s story in Part 4! I felt it was important to define the disease before going on with our journey!



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Friday Favorites December 11th Edition

Right now I am trying my best to have my holiday attitude in place. (I love everything) is the attitude I am going for but being me that is not even a possibility! lol

So my 5 friday favorites are as follows.

  • A blog I read called ! Tina is a great writer, Mom, Wife, Cook and fitness enthusiast. I have been reading her blog for a few years and it is one of the first ones I go to when I log into my Bloglovin account. Today she posted on a soup she made that has kale in it. I have been avoiding kale like the plague for years. I even grew it in my garden this year, canned some and then gave most of it away. I can still say I have never cooked with it, that is until this coming week when I will make her soup.
  • cncbook_thumb
  • A book I’m reading that is by another blogger I follow, Crystal Paine from The book is titled Money Making Mom. She talks about women starting home based careers, like blogging or selling crafts. These are both ideas that I am very passionate about. I don’t want to ever have to walk into an office to work everyday, so that being said I love any book that can inspire me with ideas and direction. Just FYI I obviously have a blog started and am in process of perfecting a craft to sell so yay me!
  • money-saving-mom-104_large
  • My early Christmas present that I can’t wait to use. It is a Ninja 3 in 1 Cooking System. I just opened the box and just love it already! This glorified crock pot allows you to say…. Brown the meat for beaf stew and then cook it in the same pot. Less dishes make me very happy. I have always loved using a crockpot. I am not one of those people who got one when they got married and has it in it original box in the basement!  I also love practical presents. I am probably one of the few people who asked for a dust buster for Christmas when I was in college.
  • 31rOpl9BuOL._AA160_
  • PEPPERMINT…. I love peppermint everything! I can say the something about pumpkin in the fall but I think I love peppermint even more. As I am typing this I am eating my fifth or fifteenth Candy Cane Hershy kiss! LOVE THEM! Oh and don’t get me started on Starbucks Peppermint Mochas! I try to stay away but I get at least two per Christmas season… Sometime many more! Unknown-2 Unknown-1
  • OHHHH… That moment when you think you are all done Christmas shopping and can just relax and spend about ten hours wrapping presents! I do kinda enjoy Christmas shopping, when I have a plan. I hate it when I have no idea what to get someone for Christmas or a birthday. Its awful until you realize that is why they made grift cards! Those things are my saving grace for certain people! I have two nieces and a nephew in Georgia, they are all little and cute and have everything they need so what do I get them??? Hmmm send the mom a gift card and then she gets to give them what they really want! I know it seems like I am shirking my duties but I am a bit more practical than most and think its better to get someone what they want than what I want them to have. Some of the time that is!

Well thats it…. Have a great Christmas and I hope you get everything you need for Christmas and a little bit of what you want!


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Photo Dump – Dec. 17th 2015 Edition

So I want to start doing a monthly phone photo dump to show what really goes on in my life… lol Not much this past month, other than some birthdays and some Jamicures going on around here. I do see I need to include people in my pictures and not just the dogs! They are the only ones who don’t complain when I take pictures!


Gizmo Waiting for me to go to bed!

Molly asking if it time for bed.

Molly asking if it time for bed.

Mom's 66th Birthday

Mom’s 66th Birthday

Mom's Birthday Dinner... A little KFC makes her happy!

Mom’s Birthday Dinner… A little KFC makes her happy!

Lets have turkey for dinner!

Lets have turkey for dinner!

One of my birthday presents

One of my birthday presents

Prepping for a new project

Prepping for a new project

My new photography project! Could not do this with out Joel's help!

My new photography project! Could not do this with out Joel’s help!

My Jamberry Manicure

My Jamberry Manicure

Another beautiful Jamberry Manicure

Another beautiful Jamberry Manicure

AND one more Jamberry manicure!

AND one more Jamberry manicure!

Cold doggies after a bad mean person gave them a bath! lol

Cold doggies after a bad mean person gave them a bath! lol

Visiting mom.

Visiting mom.

Canning cranberries... Such a pretty color.

Canning cranberries… Such a pretty color.

So… Whats on your phone, post your favorite phone photo in the comments!



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What the heck is a prepper food?

(Prepper) the term sounds funny like a cartoon character or something but it’s not. I guess my husband Joel and I are becoming mini preppers! We have the property in the woods to head to (once we build our house) we have a garden, we have a pantry filled with self-canned foods and store bought foods, we have some water purification preps, we have the ability to protect ourselves, and we have the “prepper foods”. My husband bought some last year and we have bought some more little by little.

Here is the definition of Prepper:


chiefly North American

A person who believes a catastrophic disaster or emergency is likely to occur in the future and makes active preparations for it, typically by stockpiling food, ammunition, and other supplies:there’s no agreement among preppers about what disaster is most imminentwhether you’re a doomsday prepper or simply like to be prepared, emergency foods should be kept on hand

Prepper food is food to have on hand in case of emergency when the stores will not be a viable option. The food is more shelf stable than most foods you buy at the store it is said to last about 20-25 years if stored correctly, and will more than likely have less calories per serving than we are used to because it is meant to help us survive a bad situation but not meant to help us thrive. Most of the food is freeze dried or dehydrated so it is easy to transport and usually just requires some warm water to make it meal ready.

Closeup of Travelers Stew


Sample of some of our foods

I have never tried any of these meals as of yet but that will change tonight. We will be cooking at least on of these meals for dinner so the three of us can see what we could be in for. We are letting our 13 year old choose our meal tonight so she can feel more connected to the whole prepper thing! Also we want her buy in because she is so picky about food that if she chooses it maybe she will have to like it! My only fear about the prepper foods is that they are not very high in protein, this is ok for lunch and dinner but the breakfast they provide are strictly carb, carbs, carbs. I can’t eat a carb filled breakfast in regular life without falling apart. (I am diabetic) If I eat carbs for breakfast I feel weak and sweaty in just a couple hours, its really awful. I have been know to have to leave church services to find a place to lay down while my husband finds me something to eat. I have been talking to the hubby about the need to supplement our stores with protein bars and such but the problem is that they do not last long. I wonder if I press and seal them if they would last a lot longer? More research to do!

Soooo wish us luck as we dive into our first trial run of eating or “prepper” foods. I just hope it doesn’t suck! loll

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Canning Cranberry Sauce

I love Cranberry sauce… I am the only one in my house who loves is but thats ok… I will eat it all!


Yummy Yummy Cranberry Sauce

I do A LOT of canning (for a beginner) This is my first year canning but it won’t be my last for sure. My husband who won’t eat half of what I canned was still really proud of our canning stockpile! He even took pictures and showed his friends, he even took pickles to the office for friends. I have over 400 cans of produce, meat, and beans canned and have plans to can more this winter!

There are many reasons to preserve your own food and here are a few of my reasons. We built 9 4×10 raised bed gardens this Spring so I better not waste anything. I know whats in my food, its organic, non GMO and does not create extra waste by throwing away/recycling them. We save money in the long run, yes it cost us much money to get started with canning between jar buying and pressure cooker buying and everything else we did lay out a bit of money. In the long run everything except the seals are reusable! I have just loved learning how to do it and its not that hard!

AND Cranberries. I bought some bags to make sauce for Thanksgiving and then we changed plans and did not have dinner in our home. SOOO because I was not going to throw them away and I will eat Cranberry sauce anytime of the year the canning equipment came out to play. I looked up a few different recipes and they all seemed the same.

It comes down to the following recipe:

Per 12oz Bag of Cranberries you will need

2 cups water

2 cups sugar

zest of 1/2 orange

1/4tsp of vanilla

Makes 2 pints or 4 –  1/2pints

Thats it! Boil the water and sugar for 5 minutes add cranberries cook at a low boil for 15 minutes stirring occasionally until all the berries burst. Add the vanilla and orange zest stir and then pour into prepared jars. wipe rim of jars and put the prepared seals on and screw on lids. Place in water canner and boil with cover on for 10 minutes. Place on rack or towel until cool and then move to storage.


First collect all of your canning equipment.


Pretty Cranberries!


I used 4 bags of Cranberries


Zesting oranges is a tedious task! lol


Zested 2 oranges for this recipe.


Cranberries are all popped so I added the zest and vanilla.


Prepared jars all ready to be filled! 


Filled and cleaned jars.


Lids heated and ready for use.



Jars ready for the canner and then ready to be enjoyed for many meals to come!


Happy Canning everyone!

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Novembers Thankfulness Posts – Did not quite make it in November!


1st – Thankful that on Sundays I have an incredible church family to worship and serve with!
2nd – Thankful for having the best husband ever. He is sweet and perfect for me! He believes in me and loves me for who I am.
3rd – Thankful that even at 13 my step daughter asked if we could have a pajama day so we could watch movies together all day! Spending the day hanging out together laughing at movies we’ve seen a million times before! Joel was happy to go to work today for sure!

4th – I am thankful that I grew up in a family that loved me… My family was the picture of disfunction and craziness but my family made sure I knew I was loved. My mom always made sure that no matter who was mad at each other that I knew that love was underneath all of the stupidity. My family was and is just a little nutty!

5th – I am thankful for the ability to try something new, or at least something I have not tried in a while. I tried doing a family/slice of life blog that got thrown to the side due to the busyness of life. I will be starting a new blog soon…. Next week I hope, that will show the life of a Christian family who are getting ready to start a new life on a homestead/farm in Maine…

God gives us the ability do do so many things in our lives… He gives us talents that we are born with and H e gives us the ability to build and develop skills. I hope to do something wonderful with this blog and showcase all of the skills that we are learning in order to start our new Maine adventure. I hope to inspire others through our successes and failures to step out to do something new. We all need to find our God given passions and boldly run with them.

6th – I will choose to mention that I am very thankful that God has gifted me with ability and skills to do so many things. I love to craft and God has given me some talent in that area. I love to garden and God defiantly gifted me in that area this year. I love to read and have always excelled in that area in school and have read hundreds upon hundreds of books in my lifetime. I guess what I am saying is that I am never bored whether I am with other people or on my own. I never need to be entertained, This has made the last three years that I have not been working very pleasant most of the time. And for the record we do not have cable TV either…LOL We do have Amazon prime but the selection is a bit poor.Happiness is being content with what God has given you and making lemonade out of any lemons that come your way

7th – Friends… I am spending a weekend with two good friends, Michele and Shauna. We are doing some Scrapbookin for sure! I love our weekends together! We have not done a whole weekend together in a while! I know some snacks will be eaten and maybe our nails may get Jamberried. Who knows…. Maybe a glass of wine will be drunk. We are relaxing together with out the hubbies and with out the kids. Michele has been a great friend for years, we started a coffee house at church together, did singles ministry events together and then she was my maid of honor in my wedding 7+ years ago. Shauna has been a friend that I made through Michele and scrapbooking. We don’t hang out or spend any time on the phone but she has become a true friend that I know will always be around if I need her! Whats better that that. We all need friends to just decompress with and that just what we are doing.

8th – I am thankful to have the time to leave my family and spend that time with friends. I don’t leave my family very often and it feels strange when I do, but its good for all of us to have a little time away. I’m away this weekend and Joel will be away next weekend hunting so its really odd that we will be separated two weekends in a row! We usually spend all our time together, especially on the weekend. Whatever will I do! LOL I think I will live in my PJs next weekend!

9th – I am very thankful fro a warm comfortable home where my husband and daughter were waiting to go to at the end of a fun weekend with the girls.

10th – I am thankful for my husband who was born 40 years ago today. He is truly my better half and the best friend I could ever want.

11th – I am thankful that I don’t give up or give in when something is important to me!

14th – I am thankful for the unity of the world when tragedy strikes. I am thankful that our prayers are being heard and answered by God in Paris. People are being comforted and loved in their time of need. Thank you Lord for holding your people safely in the palm of your hand tonight!

15th – I am thankful my husband will be home tomorrow night!

16th – I am thankful for my car or “The orange Tic Tac” as the family calls it. I have a car that works, gets me anywhere I want or need to go. I love that it is not just a car! It stands out, it has personality!

17th – I am thankful for our Soon to be new home in Maine. I could not have even imagined that we would have the ability to build a farm for us to live and thrive on. The state of Maine is so beautiful and we are so lucky to be moving someplace near my family. Our dreams are going to come true with my best friend by my side.

18th- I am thankful that Hannah has a great school to attend. We have stayed in Newington just for Hannah to be able to continue on in this school system. She is getting a good education and also getting the opportunity to study music and STEM.

19th- I asked Hannah what made our house feel like a home to all of us. She said it was the couch because we gather there to hang out together and talk and watch movies. SO I am thankful for our couch.

20th- I am thankful for my camera… My husband gave me a really nice camera two years ago and I think I am pretty good at taking pictures. I hope that I can someday make money using my photographic talents but we will see.

21st- I love that when Hannah is home we always sit at the table for dinner. We try to keep the habit of family mealtime and make sure we pray and thank God for his provision.

22nd- I am thankful that God has given my church a Pastor who truly loves people. He is such a blessing to us all and I hope that we are a blessing to him more than we are a problem. I know ministering to people is never easy, we all have our own life experiences and preconceived notions that we come through the church doors with.

23rd- Simple pleasures… My husband and I are more than happy when we can just make plain old Blue box macaroni and cheese for dinner. We need nothing more than that junk food yumminess. We are simple junk food junkies at heart.

24th- My Bible… I am about 65% through reading the Bible this year. I know that doing a Bible reading plan does not get you deeply into the Bible but it does allow you to have the airplane view of things. How people who have never read the Bible can bash it is beyond me. It has so much good stuff in-between the covers that can feed your spirit as well as correct your Christian walk.

25th- My Puppies… I love my two little doggies! I am an animal person for sure and Molly and Gizmo are such sweat lovable smelly, dirty little fur balls. My husband does not get the loving animals thing but I just tell him that that just shows he has no heart… lol Joel has a huge heart and would never want anything to suffer buuuuut he does not want them in his house!

26th- Thanksgiving Day… I am thankful that Hannah and I got to continue my tradition of watching the Macy’s day parade. I love having traditions and sharing them with Joel and Hannah. Sometimes they don’t agree with what I want as a tradition but they usually play along.

27th- The family tradition that we decorate for Christmas on Thanksgiving night and the next day. I love the transition from muted fall colors to the bright twinkling colors of Christmas.

28th- I am thankful once again that my husband take interest in what interests me. I just wish I did as well for him. He makes sure I have what I need and is always ready to help if I need him.

29th- Fuzzy socks or pants… Love them soooo much. I just bought a new pair and just can’t wait to put them on at night.

30th-  I am thankful for Jesus and the fact that we are now in the season to celebrate His birth. I love putting out my two manger scenes and just enjoy looking at them right up to New Years day.



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Baking Bread – White Sandwich Bread – It was a good day for some YUM!

I have tried to bake bread a few times and have had minimal success. Ive made some tasty sour dough once and have made some awful sour dough recently. I made some Amish white bread recently that was really good but just a little sweat for my families taste. So I tend to let my family choose what type of bread they want for their daily sandwich and that is that. Well that was until now! I have found my good for everything, yummy bread. My family loved it both as a dinner bread and a sandwich bread. I have made it a few times now and it is very easy to make and does not take a lifetime of kneading.

I found the recipe on Pinterest through another blog. (I’m not sure the best way to credit another blog!) The recipe looked good and it was touted as being less sweet than other white sandwich breads, so I thought this would be a perfect recipe to try.

Author: Scratch This With Sandy
Cuisine: American
Serves: 2 loaves
  • 2½ cups warm water 110-120 degrees
  • 1 tablespoon active dry yeast
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 7 cups bread flour (All Purpose works as well)
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • ¼ cup softened butter
  1. Add sugar to bowl then water and sprinkle with yeast. Let set 5-10 minutes or until nice and foamy
  2. add 3 cups of flour and mix with whisk
  3. Add the salt
  4. Add the softened butter and mix with whisk
  5. Change out to a dough hook and add remaining flour… Mix until the bowl is getting swiped clean.
  6. if its not cleaning the sides add a little bit more flour until it does
  7. Plop onto a lightly floured surface and knead for a minute or two
  8. Place in a greased bowl and flip so both sides are covered
  9. Cover with greased saran wrap and let rise till double in size (about an hour) You can also use a damp warm towel to cover if you don’t have saran wrap
  10. Grease two 9×5 bread pans and pre heat your oven to 375 degrees
  11. After it rises punch the dough down
  12. Plop it on to the counter and slice in half. Flatten out to a rectangle shape
  13. “Jelly Roll” it up gently pinching the ends and seam together
  14. Place in your greased bread pans
  15. Cover with greased saran wrap… I reused my original piece!
  16. Let rise about 30-60 minutes
  17. Bake at 375 for 35-40 minutes or until top is golden.
  18. I blessed my tops with some butter… optional
  19. Let set for 10 minutes before removing to a cooling rack

I can’t post my pictures because they have run away from home! I can’t find them anywhere! grrrr.

I only have two pictures and here they are


Fresh from the oven with a nice coating of butter!


Ready to be devoured with some Amish creamed honey!

OH it was so good!

As you can see the loaves come out beautiful and once you brush them with salted butter you just have to each a huge piece with even more butter or honey! If you have store bread snobs in your house this is a good bread to make for them for sure.

This was going to be my first cooking demo post but I have no demo pictures to post. So much frustration! LOL I love to cook when I am cooking for people who appreciate it and this recipe was appreciated! I am going to have to make sure I post right after taking the pictures to be sure they won’t walk away from now on!


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