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I love Thanksgiving! Its a time to get with those you love and thank God for all of the blessings in your life…Thanksgiving Should be a time to pray and reflect on your life. Some people see Thanksgiving as a time to just eat until your stomach hurts and then you fall asleep watching football in front of the TV. We live in such a truly secular society that many people do not care that the early Thanksgiving celebrations were a very pious and prayer filled event. Even the Native Americans celebrated a feast after a good harvest centered around thanking their creator.

I enjoyed reading the Article Eat. Thanks. Love. In the November issue of Dr. Oz The Good Life. It was filled with anecdotes from a bunch of famous people about how they celebrate being Thankful during Thanksgiving. They had spending time with family, going around the table and telling what they are thankful for, drinking and dancing as well as having topical food themes for the Thanksgiving menu. What I did not see was any mention of God. Not a single famous person acknowledged God as the giver of all of these blessings. Lisa Oz was the closest to showing a Christian leaning in how they give out meals on Thanksgiving. Her big quote was that “giving in this way makes me happier”. I guess this makes sense for the Oz family when Dr. Oz describes his beliefs as a mystical form of Islam closely related to Sufism.

Ok so the article disappointed me. I want everyone to believe as I do! (I do not force my beliefs down anyones throat) I just want those I care about to espouse the same values as I do. This is because I love them and not some need for control. I believe that my heavenly father is the giver of all good things. Knowing God and being saved has made me want the whole world to have the same security and love.

Anyway… This Thanksgiving make sure that you thank God for all of the family and friends you have and every other good thing in your life. Prayer

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