Friday Favorites – November 6th 2015 edition

Happy Friday

These are just some of the people and things I am loving right now


#1 – Learning how to do the techie stuff for my Blog from Udemy Videos. If you have never used Udemy or even heard of it, let me tell you it is awesome! You go on the site and find something you want to learn about and sign up for a class. Many classes you pay for but some are free. Joel is taking a course in a computer language and I have taken classes on Youtube videos and Blogging. I will also be taking classes on soap making soon. So exciting.  “UDEMY” Look it up!

#2 – Scrapbooking with friends! I am going on a weekend getaway tonight to my girlfriend Shauna’s house where we will spend time talking, eating, napping, and even a little scrapbooking together. Its so nice to take sometime to reconnect with friends that you don’t see that often! Scrapbooking


#3- A Husband who makes all things possible! I tell him I want to make photo coasters and… Joel figures out what I need and pushes me to buy the supplies. He even does the comparison shopping for the materials. Now he is going to build a pouring surface for pouring the epoxy. If I come up with a scheme he is usually right on board to help me in any way he can!

Listen up ladies…. Mary a man who does not drink and that does not watch sports! You will have a man who is more willing to do stuff with you that way.



#4- This favorite is another person… She is someone who I have not actually seen in years but I still see and chat with on Facebook. Amy Manseau is a beautiful woman of God. She is beautiful inside and out. She works hard to homeschool her boys, Seems to be an incredible wife to her husband David, works in her church, has a regular job and also does Jamberry sales on the side. I read her Facebook posts and I think to myself that this is a woman who does it all.

Many years ago when she still lived in Connecticut I was going to be going into the hospital for spinal surgery. My mom was out of state but flying in later in the day on the day I was having the surgery. I was going to be alone, in pain and more than a little nervous the night before the surgery, SO Amy and the Pastor of our church decided that Amy would spend the night with me and stay during my surgery.  She has  a true servants heart and stayed up with me all evening and talked and we also watched some TV together. She not only stayed with me until Pastor came to the hospital to pray before surgery but she stayed long after surgery until my mom got to the hospital. Thats just who Amy is! The world could use a lot more people with a heart like hers!

AmyLove you Amy!

#5- My puppies who keep me company all day while I am unemployed. They are the cutest little pests imaginable. This house would be so empty without Gizmo and Molly!



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  1. Dawn,I am so honored! I remember our times together fondly too. I love reading about your beautiful family. Love you!

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