30 days of Thankfulness for the month of November

Day 1, 2, and 3…

Hmmm – Taking and running with Amy Manseau’s Thankful posts on Facebook for the month of November… Time to catch up!

November 1st – Thankful that on Sundays I have an incredible church family to worship and serve with!
Everyone needs a good church family. If you don’t have one please come check out mine! lol
If your not serving and getting involved with the church family then you will never have an incredible church family. It takes time and effort. If you think a church should be full of perfect Christians then you don’t know Gods family. A church is a hospital room for broken people that come to your church and heal with the love of God. You will find bad attitudes and other not nice sinful attitudes in the church, but it our job as Christians to learn to loose our bad attitudes and actions as we develop our God attitude.
November 2nd – Thankful for having the best husband ever. He is sweet and wonderful and capable of so much. Joel loves God and tries ever so hard to live in a Godly manner. He believes in me and loves me for who I am. I will never claim he is perfect but he is perfect for me! What more can a woman ask for!
November 3rd – Thankful that even at 13 my step daughter asked if we could have a pajama day so week could watch movies together all day! Spending the day hanging out together laughing at movies we’ve seen a million times before! Joel was happy to go to work today for sure!
November 4th – I am thankful that I grew up in a family that loved me… My family was the picture of disfunction and craziness but my family made sure I knew I was loved. My mom always made sure that no matter who was mad at each other that I knew that love was underneath all of the stupidity. My family was and is just a little nutty!

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