Camping for the first time.

We decided to camp on our new property in September to try to get a sense of what our next steps should be. We took our new camper on the road and gave it a try. Now keep in mind that even though we were staying in a camper we still had very limited power and water… FOUR DAYS and THREE NIGHTS… “NO SHOWER”


I was so disappointed while we were on staying on the property, we saw nothing! Not a squirrel, chipmunk, deer, bear, NOTHING! I wanted to see cute animals cavorting in our woods and all I got to see was their scat. We saw deer, moose, and bear scat within a 50 feet of where our camper was situated. It could be the generator or the smell of dogs, sound of chainsaw and/or the sound of gun fire that scared every living animal off of our property! LOL… We were not quiet. Joel did say that he saw two small frogs while he was working but I have no proof!

I had to break out my rubber boots for the occasion since it had rained for days, up to and including our drive up to Maine it was wet


Our Dogs didn’t mind at all… They ran around and enjoyed getting dirtier than ever!


My husband enjoyed the ability to walk out into our “backyard” to shoot. We can’t do that in Connecticut!


We didn’t get a lot of work done while we were in Maine we did make a plan for the future. Joel did get a path cleared from the logging road to the small stream that now looks like a river due to the lovely rain.


We made plans for my cousin Mark to do some land clearing work for us. We are so blessed to have some family around who do have the time and know how to get the job done.

We are excited to keep going forward with the building of our new home and farm in the middle of Maine. We can’t wait for what the future might bring!

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