Our Adventure begins!


Our biggest family adventure is about to begin. Now I just need to find a job so we can afford to clear the land and build a house.

Lots of equipment needs to be purchased or rented and lots of sweat will be shed. We have a serious amount of work to do!


Look up through the woods you can see a hill. On top of that hill is were our homestead/farm/home will be built.


Our land is just about smack in the middle of Maine on ¬†Wooded lot that has been partially clear cut. What this means is that it is a mess! It looks like someone dropped a bomb in the middle of the property. Anything that the loggers did not like was left behind to rot and or grow back. Our whole lot is about 22ish acres. We will be clearing about 12 or so on the top of that small rise. Our land will be filled with Fruit Trees and bushes, chickens, rabbits, goats, pigs, a cow and hopefully a small donkey. We will grow our own food and hunt on our own land. We will be self sufficient (I hate that term)… Using the tools and abilities that God has given us to make a life together. We will rely on God in all that we do, from the choice to leave our city lives behind to what we will grow in our gardens. We can do nothing apart from God who strengthens us.


I can’t wait to sit up on our porch and watch the sun set over the trees. Listen to the crickets chirp and scare the dogs when they jump eat apples we grew, cheese we make and even have pork chops from our yearly pig that we raised. The simple life! HA Ha…. We are retiring to a life where there are never enough hours in the day and everything relies on what you do! God please help us!


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