Not leaving the house

I never thought I would spend a whole week around the house. I have not left this house since Saturday. The only reason I left the house then was because my husband was home with me and we went over to see my mom at the Memory care unit. We took a drive with her and got ice cream. I have watched more TV than any 10 people should. I have not even been ready which I used to do by the hour. How can I be so far out of my own life? I know what I need to do but,  how do I make myself find the energy?


I feel like I am in need of a nap before I even get myself ready for the day. I am out of breath while folding the laundry. I am 43 years old, not 93! My 90 year old grandmother is in better shape than I am, at least she can still go for a long walk or do errands on her own. If my husband is not with me I don’t usually leave the house. We went to visits his Grandfather in the hospital a week or two ago and I lost my breath walking to the building.

If anyone does read this please tell me how you get out of the hole of depression and get motivated to rejoin the land of the living!


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