Building a new garden


I have come to love gardening. I don’t love to do the weeding and I have so very much to learn but I have found joy in seeing something grow. I wanted to try gardening this year and asked my husband to build me a couple of raised garden beds like I had seen on pinterest from a Blog called

What I ended up with is far more than I ever asked for. My hubby did an amazing job and kept adding on until I ended up with nine beautiful raised beds. He added weed barrier and mulch in between each one and to top it all off he built a wooden fence with bunny barrier all the way around it. We brought in 18 yards of garden soil and at least 8 yards of mulch. Oh and lets not forget 21 bags of compost.

My peas have fallen over and spinach had to be pulled out because it had some fungus issue. Other than that things have been growing like crazy. We are drowning in squash and zucchini. I am getting ready for tons of tomatoes and pickles to come rolling in.

Now to get ready to blanch and freeze some peas and bake some lemon Zucchini bread!


Fresh Shelled Peas


Zucchini, Squash and Cucumbers

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