Friday Favorites

1) Long holiday weekends – We may not go anywhere or do anything big but I get an extra day this holiday weekend to spend with my husband/best friend. I’m home alone all week long so having Joel home with me makes me very Happy.Unknown

2) My garden is starting to give us yummy food. I will be learning to can and preserve food in the next few weeks. This fun will give me many successes and failures to blog about during this summer and fall.


3) The Drive-in theater for summer movies I plan to see a couple of movies this weekend with my family. Going to the Drive-in theater is a yearly adventure that we love. It’s a forty minute drive for us so we only do it once or twice a year so it is extra special… We will pack up a cooler filled with all our movie watching favorites so we only need to buy popcorn when we get to the drive-in. I hope to see “inside out” and Jurasic world”


4) Church… I missed it this week because I was not feeling very when I woke up. My husband reported back that our youth pastor did a fantastic job talking about how the Supreme court has led us one more step down a slippery slope of sin and confusion! Lets me say this now…. I do not hate the homosexual community! Not even for a minute do I wish them pain or unhappiness! I do however believe the Word of God and believe in what His Word says about marriage and families. I will be talking about this in my Sunday blog post.


5) Reading other peoples blogs… I have a few that I read as often as they post. They are the first ones I check out on the site where I have a full list of every blog I have ever decided to read and follow. My favorites make me feel like I am part of there family and I need to keep up with them and the milestones in there lives.

So there you have it! My first Friday favorites post. I hope to keep up with these each week.

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