Why do I want to Blog???

11I decided to write a blog to find out what I have to say. I have been hibernating for to long and something has to change. I want to be accountable to my blog and anyone who reads it in a way that keeps me going and developing as a person.

I have been unemployed for two and a half years and that is taking a toll on me and my family. I need to do something to bring light and life back into myself and my family relationship. You all know the phrase “If mamma ain’t happy then nobody’s happy” This concept should not be true but it is in a lot of respects. If I’m not happy is meal time fun? Do we have impromptu movie nights? Do we get up and go out for Ice Cream or play a board game? The answer is no! If I am grumpy or depressed then everyone feels it! I bring everyone down and I am hoping that if I find joy in writing this blog and finding my own voice I will be doing a great service to my whole family.


I’m not ever going to say that blogging is the path to happiness but I will say that having a purpose and a to do list is a start. I feel God wants me to do more and be more for my family and my husband would love to see me happy and getting back into life. Almost a year ago we put my mom into a memory care facility. It’s a fantastic facility that keeps people with memory care issue engaged. Since then I have done NOTHING! That’s not totally true but its how I feel.


I will use my voice to declare to the world that God is my savior, That life is worth living and that I have ideas and abilities that are worth sharing. Not everything I write will be amazing or life altering but if it makes anyone think hmmm I could do that or wow that’s interesting or just laugh at something I found humorous then I have succeeded in finding a positive endeavor and that is why I am going to write this blog!

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