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Not leaving the house

I never thought I would spend a whole week around the house. I have not left this house since Saturday. The only reason I left the house then was because my husband was home with me and we went over to see my mom at the Memory care unit. We took a drive with her and got ice cream. I have watched more TV than any 10 people should. I have not even been ready which I used to do by the hour. How can I be so far out of my own life? I know what I need to do but,  how do I make myself find the energy?


I feel like I am in need of a nap before I even get myself ready for the day. I am out of breath while folding the laundry. I am 43 years old, not 93! My 90 year old grandmother is in better shape than I am, at least she can still go for a long walk or do errands on her own. If my husband is not with me I don’t usually leave the house. We went to visits his Grandfather in the hospital a week or two ago and I lost my breath walking to the building.

If anyone does read this please tell me how you get out of the hole of depression and get motivated to rejoin the land of the living!


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Building a new garden


I have come to love gardening. I don’t love to do the weeding and I have so very much to learn but I have found joy in seeing something grow. I wanted to try gardening this year and asked my husband to build me a couple of raised garden beds like I had seen on pinterest from a Blog called

What I ended up with is far more than I ever asked for. My hubby did an amazing job and kept adding on until I ended up with nine beautiful raised beds. He added weed barrier and mulch in between each one and to top it all off he built a wooden fence with bunny barrier all the way around it. We brought in 18 yards of garden soil and at least 8 yards of mulch. Oh and lets not forget 21 bags of compost.

My peas have fallen over and spinach had to be pulled out because it had some fungus issue. Other than that things have been growing like crazy. We are drowning in squash and zucchini. I am getting ready for tons of tomatoes and pickles to come rolling in.

Now to get ready to blanch and freeze some peas and bake some lemon Zucchini bread!


Fresh Shelled Peas


Zucchini, Squash and Cucumbers

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Changing my Life – Slowly



Fluffy is the word I use to describe my body these days. 10 years ago I had lost some weight and felt pretty good about how I looked and felt. Since that time I have gone to seminary, gotten married and have been dealing with parent care for the last three years. In that time I have gained 50 pounds! I just did that math and WOW 50 pounds…

Now the question is why would I ever want to advertise this total lack of self control? The reason is that I need to be held accountable to someone! My husband and I are awful when it comes to eating right or exercise. We love eating crap and watching TV together. We go out to eat or bring in take out food all the time. We go to the movies and eat lots of junk. If we try to do better one of us will have a bad day and bring the other one down with them…

Since I have been out of work I have been the epitome of laziness. I now get winded walking up our driveway to get the mail. I’m 43 years old, I should not be this way and I have to do something now before I am no longer able to do anything about it.

Now what am I going to do about it? I know I need to start slow, I am way to far gone to get all gung ho about this. I would manage to put myself in the hospital for sure… I am going to start walking! I am going to promise myself and anyone who reads this blog that I will walk a mile 4 times this week. I can accomplish this in a few different ways. I can get on my treadmill, I can take the dogs for a walk or I can do one of my Leslie Leslie Sansone walk workout videos. That’s what I will do this week. I will also try to make better food choices this week as well.

I will let you know how this works out for me!


My very unused workout room


Great walking workout video










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Friday Favorites

1) Long holiday weekends – We may not go anywhere or do anything big but I get an extra day this holiday weekend to spend with my husband/best friend. I’m home alone all week long so having Joel home with me makes me very Happy.Unknown

2) My garden is starting to give us yummy food. I will be learning to can and preserve food in the next few weeks. This fun will give me many successes and failures to blog about during this summer and fall.


3) The Drive-in theater for summer movies I plan to see a couple of movies this weekend with my family. Going to the Drive-in theater is a yearly adventure that we love. It’s a forty minute drive for us so we only do it once or twice a year so it is extra special… We will pack up a cooler filled with all our movie watching favorites so we only need to buy popcorn when we get to the drive-in. I hope to see “inside out” and Jurasic world”


4) Church… I missed it this week because I was not feeling very when I woke up. My husband reported back that our youth pastor did a fantastic job talking about how the Supreme court has led us one more step down a slippery slope of sin and confusion! Lets me say this now…. I do not hate the homosexual community! Not even for a minute do I wish them pain or unhappiness! I do however believe the Word of God and believe in what His Word says about marriage and families. I will be talking about this in my Sunday blog post.


5) Reading other peoples blogs… I have a few that I read as often as they post. They are the first ones I check out on the site where I have a full list of every blog I have ever decided to read and follow. My favorites make me feel like I am part of there family and I need to keep up with them and the milestones in there lives.

So there you have it! My first Friday favorites post. I hope to keep up with these each week.

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Why do I want to Blog???

11I decided to write a blog to find out what I have to say. I have been hibernating for to long and something has to change. I want to be accountable to my blog and anyone who reads it in a way that keeps me going and developing as a person.

I have been unemployed for two and a half years and that is taking a toll on me and my family. I need to do something to bring light and life back into myself and my family relationship. You all know the phrase “If mamma ain’t happy then nobody’s happy” This concept should not be true but it is in a lot of respects. If I’m not happy is meal time fun? Do we have impromptu movie nights? Do we get up and go out for Ice Cream or play a board game? The answer is no! If I am grumpy or depressed then everyone feels it! I bring everyone down and I am hoping that if I find joy in writing this blog and finding my own voice I will be doing a great service to my whole family.


I’m not ever going to say that blogging is the path to happiness but I will say that having a purpose and a to do list is a start. I feel God wants me to do more and be more for my family and my husband would love to see me happy and getting back into life. Almost a year ago we put my mom into a memory care facility. It’s a fantastic facility that keeps people with memory care issue engaged. Since then I have done NOTHING! That’s not totally true but its how I feel.


I will use my voice to declare to the world that God is my savior, That life is worth living and that I have ideas and abilities that are worth sharing. Not everything I write will be amazing or life altering but if it makes anyone think hmmm I could do that or wow that’s interesting or just laugh at something I found humorous then I have succeeded in finding a positive endeavor and that is why I am going to write this blog!

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